CAME, an Italian leader in the sector of integrated automation, control and security solutions for residential, public and business environments, draws on its know-how and technology to help cities and towns to be increasingly smart, making both mobility and car parking more fluid, safer and more efficient. It was for these particular characteristics that it has been chosen by some of Italy’s most popular and best-known holiday destinations to design and carry out the redevelopment and automation of their public car parks.

More specifically, CAME supplied the car park management systems of the municipal car parking facility in Gressonay-La-Trinité, which has been transformed into a public gathering place, the two underground car parks of the Grand Hotel Alassio in the Ligurian city of Alassio, the picturesque regional cable car that connects Buisson with Chamois, the highest municipality in the Aosta Valley, and the area behind the passenger terminus of Gaeta’s former railway station, which is also known as “piazzale Ferrovia” and has been converted into an above-ground public car park.

For each of these projects, the main objective was to identify a solution that permitted the entry and management of the great many regular visitors as well as the occasional ones. At the car parking facility in picturesque Gressonay-La-Trinité, CAME installed its PKM system designed to ensure the highest level of performance in small and medium-sized car parks, thanks to the use of QR code technology and a software platform that can be customised to suit client requirements. The PKM also manages different access and payment methods, as well as allowing OCR video camera registration plate recognition for access management.

When designing the historical Gaeta car park, in Alassio and in Buisson, well known destinations that attract large numbers of visitors and local residents every day, CAME decided to use the PKE system, which is ideal for medium to large car parks and can therefore manage high vehicle flows. This technology is reactive, safe and reliable, it ensures the highest levels of performance, such as ticket issue and reading in just a few fractions of a second, and hard- and software security, thanks to the system’s ability to revise all operations, protect itself from tampering, adopt secure protocols and prevent data loss. Even in the case of anomalies or maintenance work, the PKE operates independently during both the access and payment phases. The system’s technology is predominantly contactless and optical, it consists of very few moving parts and is provided with anti-jamming devices to ensure the greatest fluency of use.

Moreover, according to the specific needs, in all four locations further complementary solutions were installed, such as conventional GARD barriers or the version with cutting-edge brushless technology, automatic and manual payment booths, lit signage, standard entry and exit units or the alternative compact Slim version, and Telepass system integration.




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