CAME, a world-leading Made in Italy company in the field of integrated solutions designed for the automation, control and security of residential, public and business settings, will be on the big screen in 2023 with the movie "72 Ore" by the Roman director Luciano Luminelli, dedicated to the quite peculiar and at times implausible and comical happenings of a man in his 50s who involves none other than his best friend from childhood in the search for a treasure discovered in his youth, but this is only a small sample of what he will be able to accomplish through unexpected twists and turns. The screenplay is edited by the director himself and Noemi Guidi.

The Treviso-based company "lent" the director its Dosson di Casier Headquarters to shoot some scenes from the movie. In particular, the most observant will be able to recognize the company's employees among the extras, the main CAME meeting rooms, which became real sets for the movie, and some of the brand's most iconic products.

"It was engaging and fun to be part of a film production," comments Andrea Menuzzo, CEO and Chairman of CAME, "we felt that this opportunity was a great chance to continue celebrating our 50th anniversary and carry on the long tradition of collaborations outside of our work area, such as the partnerships we have long established in the sports field. We are always proud to participate in initiatives that emphasize our territory, to which we remain intrinsically linked, and whose enhancement is among our goals."

"72 Ore", by LudoArchedo48, is a story, full of happenings, that takes place over just three days and set mainly in the Veneto region between Treviso, Refrontolo and Casier, and in Lazio. Starring in the film are Kaspar Capparoni, Blas Roca-Rey, Corinne Clery, Debora Caprioglio, Sebastiano Somma, Magdalena Lucca, Rebecca Valenti, Jonis Bascir, Morgana Forcella, and Giuseppe Klaebisch. 
The movie, in addition to Casier, includes scenes shot in Castelbrando, Cison, Rome, Mentana, and Marsico Nuovo.



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