In the context of the large-scale renovation of Place du Casino, which has been returned to its original 1850 design, CAME Urbaco has installed 64 semi-automatic retractable bollards in stainless steel, with a polished 316 L finish which guarantees greater durability. These are used to delimit paths and areas during concerts, shows and other events that are organised in the plaza. Four automatic units with built-in hydraulic pumps were installed for the accesses. The bollards are also equipped with an interchangeable protective jacket, which CAME Urbaco designed in 2014 and has continued to develop over the years. This solution not only allows the bollard to be refurbished if necessary, avoiding high disassembly and reassembly costs, but also to completely customise its design.

One of the main objectives was to ensure maximum safety of the pedestrian areas and vehicle accesses around the Place du Casinò. To achieve this, CAME Urbaco developed a new and specific design for the bollard heads that allows them to be connected to each other with robust and elegant stainless steel chains, delimiting the vehicle lane even more effectively.



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