The new Rho-Pero fair site, housing eight pavilions, offers some 400,000 m² of internal and external exhibition space. For the “Salone del Mobile” event, Fiera Milano chose a CAME smart access control solution to handle more than 340,000 visitors in just six days. 

The renewed exhibition centre was looking for an “intelligent” access control system capable of handling the enormous complexity of data and the many variables associated with reading all of the different ticket types, as well as the high number of peripherals: over 5 million people visit the Milan-based trade fair’s busy schedule of events every year.

Pedestrian access to the fair is controlled by  65 automatic turnstiles, which are positioned along all four sides of the exhibition site, as well as at the four reception areas located along the central avenue, managing entry to some of the pavilions. The turnstiles are extremely versatile. If needed, some of them can be moved and installed in just twenty minutes to cater to specific entry requirements, making the system ideal even for managing temporary events. CAME barriers were installed for the road network too, to provide free-flowing vehicular access to the exhibition area’s car parks.

Designed for integration into major access control projects, XVia combines technological innovation and meticulously-designed aesthetics. An always-on Ethernet link makes it possible to carry out real-time checks on all systems functions. If there are special needs or it proves necessary to immediately open up access, XVia features a barrier-drop function; once the emergency is over, it can be automatically rearmed remotely.

The solution features: 65 xvia motorized automatic turnstiles, 65 reading heads to guarantee different ticket types, and integration with the ticketing and access control system.



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