Advantages and Performance - All the functions with just a few wires

The installation can be expanded at a later date, without having to add wires, making additional work less time consuming and providing many optional features.

Main Features:

  • Noise-free audio: Unlike many other systems, the BPT System 200 runs on just direct current, which makes the audio free from the noise and buzzing generally associated with the use of alternating current.
  • Traditional or digital call: The standard arrangement for a traditional call system entails a call wire for each flat. An alternative option using the same equipment, is to produce a digital call system requiring just one wire for the call, which is shared by all receivers. This is usually used for larger block systems where cable cost is at a premium and large numbers of call buttons at the entry panel can be replaced by a single digital call panel with LCD display. By simply adding digital code units throughout the system an analogue system can be converted and expanded to almost any size.
  • Coaxial cable or twisted pair. The choice is yours: All video units come with two sets of terminals so that the video signal can be carried by a twisted pair as opposed to the traditional coaxial cable if required. Using either cabling option, the picture still retains the quality you would expect from a BPT system.

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Choosing MTM means choosing a product made specifically for you and your needs. We've worked hard to make it simple, yet versatile and suitable to all, from small residential systems to large urban compounds.

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New design, with Zamak trimmings, all VR items can resist up to IK09 level shocks. This means the MTM series is the most complete range of modular entry panels on the market.



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