Garage Europa offers the possibility of leaving your car under cover in Mestre and of easily reaching the Venice city center by public transport in just 10 minutes. With over 200 indoor parking spaces on 6 raised floors, it represents a benchmark for parking on the mainland in terms of safety, ease of use and maximum convenience for users. As a long-time partner of Garage Europa, CAME has become even more involved with the installation of a new parking system.




The main requirement was to replace the existing CAME system with a new, more performing and technological system with the aim of reducing ordinary and extraordinary maintenance as much as possible. While continuing to handle occasional users and subscribers, the system was expected to accommodate and incorporate all new remote management and booking systems. In addition, new control devices for the access gates to the site have also been adopted for maximum security.




To respond to the customer's need, the solution implemented for the facility was the new SPK complete system which allows any employee of the car park operator to carry out a repair quickly and in total autonomy, guided by the software to reconfigure and restore functionality in real time. The standard configuration (entry and exit units, automatic checkout and manual attendant) features LINCE's dedicated Server and Software for managing the entire system, plus the OCR number plate reader cameras, THANGRAM audio entry panels with badge reader (for subscribers) and the pedestrian badge reader, QR Code and integrated intercom.  Entry and exit lane monitoring for occasional users and subscribers involves the application of the Gard PX brushless barrier, which is the optimal solution for intensive vehicular flows with continuous duty cycles, as is the case at Garage Europa. To guarantee maximum operating efficiency, maintenance work will be carried out on routine and annual basis with remote control. The SPK system is entirely based on a new concept of modular internal components: all modules are equipped with a fool-proof plug-in system as their only connection interface, making them easily interchangeable without the use of tools. The key element of the installation is the new Zero KM Service maintenance concept which, by means of smart software, assists the in-house parking lot maintenance staff in their work; it receives and processes all information to notify maintenance events when any anomaly occurs. The CSIM (Customer Service Integrated Management) platform in fact:

  • indicates the state of wear and tear of the devices and notifies the need for replacement by automatically generating restocking orders (managing the logistics of spare parts in real time);
  • manages alarm notifications, fault logging and guides the operator's staff to carry out a repair quickly and fully autonomously;
  • supports staff in rebooting or reconfiguring the system from the Cloud in real time.




The SPK system supply of consists of:

  • 1 REGULAR entry units
  • 1 REGULAR exit units
  • 5 Gard PX barriers (with articulated arm on entrances for occasional users)
  • 2 OCR cameras for license plate reading (occasional users and subscribers)
  • 1 automatic pay stations
  • 1 manual pay stations
  • LINCE server & software for complete system management
  • 1 IP intercom system
  • 5 THANGRAM audio entry panels with subscriber badge reader on all entrances
  • 1 pedestrian access system
  • 1 spaces Sign


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