Thanks to CONNECT, managing automations is simpler and smarter, whereas installation, configuration and maintenance procedures are faster and can be performed remotely.

CONNECT is the ideal professional support that:

  • reduces the time and complexity of the configuration phases
  • centralises the management of all clients and automations
  • reduces costs for maintenance and extraordinary interventions
  • accelerates support throughout remote configuration of radio transmitters in order to provide them to the customer



To enable CONNECT services, it is sufficient to equip each automation with a GATEWAY. CAME offers different solutions according to individual requirements such as Wi-Fi or LAN as well as practical GSM gateways.


All CAME products, from automations to video intercom and pedestrian turnstiles, are designed with CONNECT technology and are equipped with slots for quick-connect GATEWAYs.


Thanks to the CONNECT SetUp app, all the configurations and set-up operations can be performed using your smartphone, tablet or PC.


Through the free Apps for Android or iOS smartphones, the end user can control the connected automations remotely as well as monitor the status at any time from anywhere.


To use CONNECT, simply install a gateway that enables the connection between the system and the CAME Cloud.

The technologies used by gateways are of 3 types:



To share data on the CAME Cloud via Internet in Wi-Fi mode.


In this case the gateway can be connected to the network via Ethernet cable.


To send and receive data independently using the mobile phone network with a standard SIM phone card.


CONNECT technology uses a traditional Internet connection to manage systems through the CAME Cloud.

Data is managed directly within CAME to ensure reliability and security. All configurations, customisations and system-specific data are stored and made available at any time via the various smartphone or PC applications.

The sophisticated protection system of the CAME Cloud ensures full control of the automations without any risk to security of private property.


Connecting systems thanks to CONNECT allows you to benefit from a series of additional services and functions. The installer or system manager has the opportunity to evolve in their profession and in their approach to the customer.


Directly from their office, the installation manager has full control of the systems, with a complete and precise platform that shows the list of automations and their status in real time, divided by customer and also viewable on a map.



Using CONNECT therefore means being able to offer the customer a complete service that is not limited to installation, but establishes a long-term relationship based on fidality.


The CAME KEY wireless interface allows you to perform, directly from your smartphone, all configuration operations, parameter settings, radio control setup and much more.


The guided configuration procedure through CAME KEY allows you to drastically cut installation and maintenance time.


Thanks to CONNECT technology, it is also possible to BACKUP, saving all customer and installation data, as well as all configured parameters, allowing them to be downloaded and imported again in the event of extraordinary maintenance or replacement of the control board.




CONNECT technology covers all major systems inside or outside buildings.

The CONNECT SETUP App is available for managing automation systems including gates, garage doors, and automatic barriers.

For the configuration of video intercom systems, thanks to the CAME KEY wireless interface, it is possible to speed up and simplify all the pairing procedures between external entry panels and internal receivers with the programming via smartphone of the various call buttons.

For the management of home automation systems, it is possible to download the configurations, carry out a complete diagnosis, modify and re-enter the settings, via CONNECT using the CAME D SW programming software installed on a PC in convenient and remote way.


CONNECT makes available a complete diagnosis of all systems and provides real-time statuses.

Dedicated installer functions are available through the CONNECT SetUp App SetUp for smartphones or the Web App for PCs.


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An innovative way to manage operators

CONNECT SetUp will overhaul the way you manage your customers and their operators. Through a simple and intuitive interface, and by using your smartphone, you can configure operators, diagnose and manage any of your customers' radio-frequency controls and control accessories. Access credentials at, manage and control it all with a simple click.

App CAME Automation

Everything remotely.

Came Automation is the APP that allows you to manage the new range of automations for sliding gates BXV and swinging AXI, through the Cloud technology. Thanks to the Internet connection, the automations become more and more intelligent and start to communicate: all this to make life easier, meeting the different needs.

Opening, closing and checking the status of automations wherever you are today is reality. Thanks to the Came Connect technology all the automations are connected via Cloud. Simply add the CONNECT GW device to the system and download the CAME Automation APP on your mobile device to remotely manage the automations.

App AutomationBT

Open the automation directly from your smartphone, using Bluetooth connection and geolocation.

The Bluetooth selector available in the 15, 50 and 250 users version, connects to the AutomationBT app and allows you to open the operator directly from your device. When you enter into the range of the selector, you receive a notification directly on the smartphone with the request to open the gate, or you can set the direct hands-free opening.

  • CONNECT: the ideal number of users, choosing between versions: up to 15, up to 50 or up to 250 users.
  • MANAGE: your operator within a radius of 30 meters.
  • MANAGE: more operators, with quick switch in the app.
  • COUPLED: 2 selectors to better manage entry and exit.
  • CUSTOMIZE: the background images of the app for each automation.
  • YOU DECIDE: whether to confirm opening or open in automatic hands free mode.

App THermo

A brand-new user experience.

The new APP THermo give the user the ability to manage the basic functionalities of the programmable thermostat in a easy and intuitive way, thanks to its outstanding graphic interface.

THermo is the latest app that lets you manage your heating control system fitted with one or more TH/500 WI-FI or TH/550 WI-FI thermostats.

App VideoEntry

Answering the video door phone and opening it to the postman even when you are away from home is possible. Communicating has never been so simple.

VideoEntry is the APP that allows you to manage audio / video calls coming from the XIP and IP360 digital video door entry system directly on the mobile device. With the VideoEntry App it is possible to receive a call from the external unit or from the building's concierge, but also inter-communicate with other mobile devices or with internal extensions connected to the system.

The APP also allows you to receive video door entry calls, open the door of your home and activate the cameras of external units even remotely on your mobile device using Came Connect technology, the highly secure and reliable Cloud.

CAME Domotic 3.0

Check the status of all environments, activate scenarios and interact with your home remotely, simply with an app.

CAME provides a Cloud service that allows you to manage all the home automation functions, not only locally, but also remotely, through a simple, secure and highly reliable connection. The system server uses the innovative CAME Connect technology, which ensures the connection of the Domotic Came 3.0 home automation system to the Cloud: in this way, with a few clicks, after downloading the appropriate APP, it will be possible to have it available at any time and in complete safety, the graphic interface of the system.

Navigation takes place through simple function menus or through specially programmed graphic maps that reproduce the images of the various rooms in the house. All the functions foreseen in the system (eg: automation management, thermoregulation, lighting control, opening and closing of blinds or curtains, intrusion detection system control and scenario management) are easily available using the portable device in which the CAME Domotic APP is installed.



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