CAME S.p.A. has obtained the certification as Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) from the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency.

This is proof that the company has logistics processes that are deemed reliable following a special audit conducted by the Italian Customs Agency.

The status of Authorised Economic Operator is a significant achievement for CAME. The company has shown that it meets specific compliance criteria, including management of company data, physical security of premises and transport, management of financial transactions and compliance with customs regulations.

The benefits of possessing the status of AEO operator can be summarised as follows:

Reduced time for international shipments
•    AEOs are subjected to fewer physical and documentary checks: the assignment of an AA rating to the AEO allows a reduction of customs checks by up to 90%; 
•    easier access to simplified customs procedures (e.g. local clearance procedure, simplified declaration) and security checks;
•    possibility of advance notice and priority treatment of cargo in case it is selected by the Customs Agency for a check.

Greater efficiency of administrative procedures related to logistic flow management
•    reduced amount of data to be supplied to the authorities;
•    possibility to choose the place where the check is carried out (subject to approval by the customs authorities);
•    direct contact with a single department or contact person at the customs office.

Improved management of risk connected with international shipping
•    increased foreseeability of delivery times;
•    more reliable planning;
•    reduced risk of customs penalties.

In summary, CAME's customs operations are becoming faster and more reliable over the entire international logistics process. The benefits can be measured in terms of procurement time from abroad, customs clearance lead time, time and resources spent preparing documents (for import and export), customs guarantee costs, and reduced risk of penalties.

This certification demonstrates CAME's willingness to continue to invest in the safety and quality of its products, in compliance with current regulations and in order to meet its customers' needs.



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