G6EVO bollards in renforced version can stop a 2,5T pick-up travelling at 48 km/h. It’s an ideal solution to secure schools, high schools, shopping centers, hotels or condominium buildings, where the level of security is moderate.

G6EVO Fixed bollards: Removable jacket & easier maintenance

The G6 EVO bollard is equipped with an innovative interchangeable sleeve system for customizing the aesthetics of access points and refurbish any damaged bollard heads in less than 5 minutes. The bollard is composed of a raw cast iron head, which provides high impact resistance, covered with a sleeve in steel or stainless steel. The new G6 EVO concept makes on site jacket replacement easy and quick, without using any hoisting means.

G6EVO Fixed bollards

OUR RANGE OF Bornes haute sécurité

ONE40 Evo: Fixed

High-security fixed bollard.

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