Off street management software

Lince 6.0 is CAME Parkare’s revolutionary cloud-based car park management system, that offers real time car park monitoring with the use of a web browser as well as Lince 6.0's smart app for PC, tablet and smartphone.

This powerful online system provides up to the minute information and data reports on live parking systems situated across the globe, at the touch of a button. Simple to use and intuitive, the Lince 6.0 system combines cloud-based ingenuity with local hardware capabilities to provide a complete car park management system.

Main Features

  • Web browser enabled.
  • Web responsive for PC, tablet and smartphone.
  • Real-time parking monitoring, control and maintenance.
  • Multiple parking views based on access privileges.
  • Multi-tenant services.
  • Web-based reporting services.
  • POS app for smartphone.
  • Car park equipment audit and updates.
  • Customer integration over the web.

Technical Overview

  • High availability at specialised datacentres.
  • Geo-redundancy of data and servers.
  • Vertical auto-scaling (more power in servers at high demand moments).
  • Horizontal auto-scaling (more servers online at high demand moments).
  • Server maintenance and updates on the cloud, no on-premises maintenance required.

Rapports en ligne Lince 6.0

  • Rapports statiques concernant : les paiements, les produits, la facturation et les reçus.
  • Enregistrements des cartes.
  • Rapports des Ventes.
  • Mouvements et Erreurs.
  • Alarmes.
  • Rapport de consommation de carte.
  • Rapport des groupes pool.
  • Rapports des paiements différés.


Dans les rapports, vous pouvez appliquer des filtres par dates, zones de parking, terminaux, types d’utilisateur et de produit; Avoir une vue graphique ou détaillée et les exporter en  format PDF, Word, Excel, Image, CSV, XML and MHTML.

Web app to monitor and control

  • Monitor the state of all the car parks.
  • Monitor the state of the terminals in a car park.
  • Monitor and control one terminal. You can see the real state of the
  • terminal and associated cameras while performing actions on the terminal.
  • Monitor and control the active alarms of a terminal. You can perform actions on the affected devices.
  • Monitor and control the advices of one or all the parking lots, including: exceptions, alarms, user messages.


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