The City1 controller without automation is capable to integrate position lights, control actuators and / or operation logic. The City1 controller is meant to be fixed to the ground on its embedding base. Technical compartment is accessible from the front. A trap door opens onto a push button to force descent of bollard. Finally, a polycarbonate (or aluminum) printed front face with a position light red/amber and/or control actuators.


Material:    Steel S355 - 6 mm (high impact resistance)
Dimensions:    Ø194mm x H1425mm
Treatment:    Protection anti-corrosion par electro-zingage
Finition:    Matt finish thermosetting polyester powder top coat (RAL7016 standard)
Isolation:    Acoustic and thermal Isolation, thickness 5 mm
Fan at the top part to maintain the airflow
Opening:    One lockable access hatch for the emergency stop button
Protection rating:    IP54

Front face in screen printed
Front face customizable offers the opportunity to integrate more elements : card reader, keypad, traffic lights, call button…

OUR RANGE OF Contrôle d'accès aux zones sensibles URBACO


The automatic retractable bollards made to manage access both public and private streets.

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OUR RANGE OF Barrières

Gard 4

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Ideal for parking guards in residential and public settings.

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