The BFDE Energy Dispensing Fixed Post was created to facilitate multiple 16, 32 and 63 ampere, low-voltage connections. It comes in the simple version (with up to six, 16 A sockets) or double (up to twelve 16 A sockets), in the electricity dispensing version, the water dispensing version and the mixed version: electricity and water. The highly-solid Fixed Energy dispensing unit is long lasting despite being exposed to public areas.

BFDE Features

A cast aluminum base to fix the power supply unit to the ground.
A cast aluminum central part, with door, 2-point safety lock and stainless steel key.
A cast aluminum cap.
Oven-hardened zinc primer coat for reinforced corrosion resistance and giving improved adhesion to top coat.
Matt-finish thermosetting polyester powder coating.

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Ideal for fitting onto sliding gates.

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The ideal solution, even transponder-fitted, for high-volume pedestrian passages.

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Analogue HD-TVI

The HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) technology allows high-definition video signals to be sent via traditional coaxial cable over long distances. The uncompressed video signal is sent using analogue transmission techniques.

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The low-consuming, movement alerter.



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