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Developing Tailored Products

Over 50% of our development and innovation department's resources go towards developing tailored products. There is a continual need to personalise our solutions due our company's international market and our clients' demands: from the needs of large operators and airports to small, unattended remote-controlled car parks.

Throughout this development we still support our current install base of equipment. In other words, the current development cycle always incorporates all functions and is historically compatible with all installed systems, for the current and future versions.


With the use of the latest technology and a constant focus on quality, CAME Parkare redefines mobility to create a higher standard of living in today’s world.

Based on a constant search for excellence and innovation, CAME Parkare has developed systems with extraordinary resilience to shocks and thus meet the highest expectations in terms of impact strength: IWA 14-1, ASTM, PAS and DOS international standards.

Road Barriers

Parking barriers for road widths of between 2.5m and 12m.

Designed for a range of openings up to 4m, the new PRK-CA barriers are the ideal solution for control of roads and parking areas for industrial and public use. The PRK-CA is available in the 230V AC motor and the 24V DC motor versions.


Turnstiles to control pedestrian entry and exit.

Turnstiles to control pedestrian entry and exit.


The ideal solution when applying chain barriers in historical town centres, private or public settings.

Design that complements any architectural context for openings up to 16m; Cat is ideal for public or private parking facilities or to prevent access for pedestrian or limited traffic areas.


The ideal solution for applying parking space savers in both residential and public parking.

Ideal for all environments where it is necessary to protect private or authorised personnel parking facilities. This solution also offers simple access to parking spaces with a single radio control operation.

Traffic Light

Traffic light with green and red lights in two separate modules.

001PSSRV2 Traffic light with green and red lights in two separate modules 290 x 180 x 410mm, made of ABS with polymethacrylate lamp screen 125mm diameter, IP55 protection rating.

Spaces/Full Sign

Double-sided luminous sign

001PSINS Double-sided luminous sign (SPACES - FULL)

Spaces Sign

Double-sided luminous sign

001PSAC114S / 001PSAC114D Double-sided luminous sign

Door Access System

Parkare's door access system allows pedestrian access for users and season ticket holders with any identification (RFID, TAG, magnetic stripe, barcode, QR) or by inserting the number plate.

Door Access Control allows the entry or exit of users on foot to areas with limited access (such as restricted areas only available for season ticket holders), or general access to parking according to the time of day or certain time slots

IP Intercom

State-of-the-art intercom system for users to communicate with the car park security in different key sites (entry, exit, collection box, etc.).

The system interconnects using UTP wiring, which facilitates its installation and the VoIP system and guarantees the highest communications quality.

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