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Stylo: small on the outside, big on the inside

Stylo swing gate operator is just an 8 cm; which is ideal for swing gate leaves up to 1.8 m wide, and can easily serve the application on small pillars or in the presence of fences or wall behind the gate.


With jointed or
straight arm

According to the particular application needs, it is possible to choose between two different types of arm. Stylo is, in fact, available with a jointed transmission arm or a “sliding” straight arm. This option is particularly suitable when behind the pillar there is fence or wall.



For installers: Stylo is extremely versatile and adaptable to most of small and medium gates .Taking up very little space stylo swing gate operator is quick and easy to install that does not require any structural intervention on the gate, it can be installed on narrow pillar with no change required to the walls .The product is EN tested for easy certification in accordance with European standards.

For users:  without invasion of any expensive operation, stylo automatic gate operator is highly reliable, also for intensive use has the ability to automate the gate quickly, even when there is no existing configuration..


Total control

  • the encoder electronics ensures safe management of leaf movement and at slowdown stages, can accurately detect the presence of any obstacles along the leaf route

  • the safety devices perform regular self-diagnosis before each movement