Came is certified 100% Original Italian Quality Institute from the Institute for Protection of Italian Products (ITPI)

This accreditation was awarded to Came for combining Italian skill and creativity with a corporate policy that focuses on Italian design, national assembly and corporate business with reputable and proven Italian suppliers that have that have grown in symbiosis with the Came brand during its 40 years of activity.

The mark of originality 100% Made in Italy testifies to a quality production process that generates technologically reliable, and efficient performance, wear and tear tested for a number of operations that simulate 10/15 years of intense activity, resistance tested to extreme temperatures and specific operation tests of the control units under electromagnetic interference (induced and conducted noise).


System Certifications


Our DNA is all about attention to quality and security.

For over 20 years, and when the market was still unreceptive to this topic, we undertook a path toward certification as proof of our natural inclination to guarantee the very best. Since then we have always proven our competence in obtaining all the certifications that testify as to our attention to quality in our manufacturing processes, our environmental friendliness and human touch.



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