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CCTV Security Cameras

Came Group company BPT are one of the foremost best quality CCTV manufacturer in India and across the world who are engaged in developing high quality CCTV cameras for our valued customers. Being pioneers in developing high-grade security cameras that are based on the latest technology and possess international level designs and so far have installed the system in many prestigious places. The security cameras manufactured by us include premium quality lenses, and high-end functions to capture clear images. The CCTV cameras made by us are easy to install at home, office, and other commercial places. We also provide night vision CCTV cameras that are effective to capture great quality images and videos in low light. We ensure the quality of the visuals by the CCTV security cameras developed and supplied by us.

Products :

  • IR Dome Camera
  • IR Bullet Camera
  • Speed Dome Camera
  • IP Camera –Series
  • 4 Channel DVR
  • 8 Channel DVR
  • 16 Channel DVR
  • 4 Channel  NVR
  • 16 Channel NVR

Main Characteristics

  • High level of surveillance
  • Equipped with CCD quality.
  • Quality lenses and metallic body
  • Automatic adjustment of the viewing area
  • Good operation strength with clear vision
  • Day/Night vision cameras with clear visuals
  • Waterproof and infra-red capability
  • Remote video monitoring

Typical Uses

  1. CCTV cameras used for monitoring traffic
  2. Surveillance at office, school and college and campus areas
  3. Security item for industries and warehouses
  4. Used for home security

Came India - High quality CCTV manufacturers in India.