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Operators for sliding gates

Comfort is automatic

Any idea of ​​living comfort becomes automatic with the Came range of gearmotors for sliding gates. Everything becomes more simple, spontaneous and immediate and responds to your command with maximum control and security. Forget the inconvenience of having to get out of the car, forget the rain or the cold, the effort of opening heavy gates.


So many solutions, just one that is ideal for you

Came operators for sliding gates are perfect for both new builds and renovations where there are no appropriate configurations. Choosing the solution that best suits your needs, you can automate the gate with no additional costs or complicated structural changes. The result? Making the most of the environment into which the gearmotor is inserted, excellent technical performance of the system and maximum ease of use at home.


Before deciding, you need to know that...

Sliding gates usually consist of a single leaf that opens to the right or to the left, sliding along a rail on the ground equipped with a rack. To move properly when opening and closing, the leaf requires a long, narrow space.

Wide entrances, uphill access points, places where the areas are not sufficiently large to allow the opening of swing doors: in all these cases, Came recommends installing a sliding gate. The first thing to consider when selecting the most suitable gearmotor is the weight. In certain cases it is the length of the leaf.


Looking for an operator

for residential use?

Or a solution for condominiums?

Came proposes BX, the series of operators suitable for the most varied requirements in terms of dimensions and use, for both residential use, in the case of intensive use, for example in condominiums. It starts with models capable of moving leaves weighing 400 or 600 kg, reaching solutions for much heavier fixtures, up to 800 kg. You just have to decide on the best product for you.

Large gates?

If yours is a large gate weighing up to 2200 kg, then you need the thrust from BK, which is also the ideal solution for industrial fixtures up to 23 m in length.
Powerful and reliable over time.

Intensive use?

Particularly heavy fixture?

All the strength you need is concentrated in a single operator: BY-3500T is the ideal solution for sliding gates of considerable dimensions, weighing up to 3500 kg. The latest generation control board and the power of the gearmotor offer total, unbeatable safety.


Benefits that become solutions

All Came operators for sliding gates have “smart” technical characteristics,
designed to simplify your life and ensure total control of your system,
whatever the living environment.



Contemporary design,
zero invasiveness, absolute adaptability to the aesthetics of your fixture.

All operators for swing gates are tested in accordance with the parameters set by European standards: in this way you are sure of a safe system, easily certifiable by the installer, but especially in legal terms.


For maximum efficiency in public environments and condominiums, where access is frequent, Came has created gearmotors with 24 V DC operation. This ensures constant operation, even in the event of power failures.

Customise the comfort, functionality and ease of use of your gate: you can choose from several models of remote control and multiple safety accessories, all perfectly suited for mixing and matching. Tailored to your needs.