• Low excavation impact (1,31) ft
  • From 3.2 up to 21 feet width
  • Outboard hydraulic pump
  • Emergency raise up (up to 1,5 sec.)

Key Info

The product 3000mm x 900mm road blocker has been successfully crash tested and certified according to the standards:

  • ISO IWA 14 – 1:2013 Blocker V/7200 (N3C)80/90:1.3
  • BSI PAS 68:2013 Blocker V/7500(N3)/80/90:-2.2
  • ASTM F2656-18a Barrier Rating C750/7200 – Penetration Rating P1

Road blocker options

  • LED indicator on front
  • Battery back-up for power off situation
  • EFO for emergency and fast rising up
  • Frontal and lateral covering curtain
  • LAN Interface for management/diagnostic from remote

HPU – Hydraulic Power Unit

In the power unit the two systems (hydraulic and electrical) are separated to make easier and safer the maintenance operations; input and output dry contacts are available to manage the Road Blocker



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