CAME turnstiles let you manage and optimize all entries and exits to large and small businesses and public venues, with precise security. Pre-fitted, and thus easy to install, they are sturdy and safe, even in emergencies, thanks to the automatic release and the standard-supplied drop-away anti-panic arm.

Access Control Bollards

Removable bollards and posts are fitted in public and private venues to demarcate transit areas, parking areas or simply to protect pedestrian-only areas. Urbaco uses cast iron, steel and stainless steel to make its products

Automatic Doors

CAME offers an high range of doors to satisfy every needs. The automatic sliding door quickly open and close and take up very little space. They are very common operators in business centers, and in public and private service buildings. The automatic swing doors fit on any swing-leaf door and can be retrofitted too.

URBACO Access Control

If you want control of all your operator systems, CAME Urbaco offers you the best automatic system and is there to meet any of your requests.



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