Compatible products - Home Automation

From operators to lighting, from video intercoms to heating control and burglar alarms, all CAME devices are engineered to offer you the utmost comfort and security

OUR RANGE OF Compatible products - Home Automation


Create a pleasant room to live in , at any time of the day, while meeting everyone's needs. Proper lighting has always played a key role in meeting these objectives.

OUR RANGE OF Compatible products - Home Automation

Temperature Control

Traditional temperature management systems that use single thermostats or chrono-thermostats are often unsuitable to manage the temperature in homes. Often, circumstances require more.

OUR RANGE OF Compatible products - Home Automation

Energy Management

Modern homes have so many electrical utilities that consumption can easily run out of control. Power outages tend to increase as our demand for power consumption increases, but our utility contracts are restrictive.

OUR RANGE OF Compatible products - Home Automation


Among the fundamental components of a home-automation system is surely the automation functions. Thanks to a series of dedicated products, today you can have all the functions in your home, to bring comfort and wellbeing to our life.

OUR RANGE OF Compatible products - Home Automation

Zdalne sterowanie

Obecnie systemy automatyzacji domowej wykraczają poza cztery ściany. Pilot zdalnego sterowania umożliwia pełną kontrolę nad wszystkimi dostępnymi funkcjami.

OUR RANGE OF Compatible products - Home Automation

Radio Devices

The CAME DOMOTIC 3.0 home-automation system features radiobased modules that can provide a good number of the solutions available over wire. The radio modules, powered by the municipal grid, integrate seamlessly into traditional electrical systems.

OUR RANGE OF Compatible products - Home Automation


To better meet the various system needs we offer a range of accessories that complete and boost the system.

Touch screens - Home automation

TS is the state-of-the-art touch screen for managing all your home automation devices from one single screen. Available in the 7" and 10" versions, the TS is high-definition, extremely reactive and quick. It can be recess mounted or wall hung and it stands out thanks to its sleek bespoke design that fits into any room and enhances the surroundings.

OUR RANGE OF Touch screens - Home automation

Touch Screens and Servers

A system server plus touch-screen terminals ensure supervision and control of the entire system, by controlling all of the home-automation modules and the security system. The range of terminals is broad and well stocked to meet the needs of all our users



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