Sliding Gates

New or already made, designer-made or restored, whatever the characteristics of your slide gate, CAME has a perfectly calibrated answer for your tastes and needs. Our solutions are perfoming, reliable over time.

Swing Gates

With Came, every swing-gate or pedestrian access-point has a corresponding motor. Even when the closure is already fitted or not designed to fit any operators. Simple to used - the remote control is in your smartphone - reliable and easily customizable in terms of colors, shapes, all of Italian design.

Garage Doors

Overhead and sectional garage doors, entrances for vehicles of all sizes. CAME offers specific solutions that adapt to the shape of your garage, to your lifestyle and to your home. With CAME GO you can power the front door with a simple installation job to yield a quick, comfortable, and, always safe, car entrance

Road Barriers

Connected to cutting-edge access control systems, each CAME automatic barrier will identify, store, enable entries or exits, only to authorized staff. To manage the security in your private and business space.


For your operators, CAME provides a complete range of radio controls, security devices, flashing lights, receivers and smart systems.

Industrial Closures

Smoothly moving shutters with the H4 gearmotor, the operator for doors weighing up to 180 Kg. Modular installation, no extra work; also available in the versions with two motors to increase the pulling force.




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