Porsche Italia chose CAME to develop an access control system suited to the specific requirements of its events, for managing staff and guest flow at Porsche Carrera Cup Italia circuits – a single-marque competition featuring brand-new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car racing.

The company was seeking a reliable, high-performance and non-invasive access control solution developed especially for motoring events, in order to manage the entrance credentials of visitors to the various areas at each of its twenty-one championship circuits.

Came wrote software to monitor the entry credentials of visitors at the various entry points to different parts of the hospitality area, allowing fans of the marque to register on site for special events, briefings and driving sessions. Wearing magnetic NFC bracelets, car enthusiasts can access different spaces depending upon which ticket they have purchased.

The access control system, which consists of software and 4 XVia turnstiles, allows Porsche Italia to read the various different types of ticket, authorize access to the restaurant zone while monitoring capacity and the number of available places, and coordinate special events such as track tests dedicated to a limited number of participants.

A video surveillance system – 8 IP Bullet XTNC20BV1 cameras – helps prevent vandalism of the machines; if they are damaged, the cameras help identify the culprits. The solution CAME developed provides a real-time overview for monitoring the status of turnstiles and all connected devices; the entire system may also be remotely controlled.

CAME was able to design and implement the solution that Porsche requested to an extremely tight timescale, catering to the circuit’s control requirements and writing ad hoc software in just two weeks. After a week’s testing, such was the system’s flexibility that it was possible to install it just two days before the start of the event.




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