Treviso Tiramisù is a new company founded in 2020 that makes tiramisù, a well-known traditional Treviso dessert. Production, just outside Treviso, moved to a new site in Dosson di Casier in 2023. CAME was approached and selected for the installation of an access control system for employees and the automation of all external and internal gates, both for the production area and offices.



The design of the new artisanal production complex required a physical access control solution for all employees at all internal gates and regulation of the flow of people in a layout that was fully optimized even in small spaces. It was necessary to restrict access to the most sensitive areas used for the preparation and packaging of confectionery products without using physical cards/tags; all in strict compliance with Food Safety regulations for all authorized users. Besides hygiene, this kind of production facility is a critical infrastructure that may be vulnerable to certain physical security risks, including intrusion and theft.

Below is a summary of the requirements:

→ Automate perimeter gates and access doors to various parts of the premises

→ Regulate and manage electronically controllable gates and devices

→ Avoid physical contact with control devices in production departments, filter areas, and sanitary facilities

→ Profile individual users, groups, and authorized zones

→ Protect the various areas from unauthorized access



CAME proposed and implemented a functional, versatile, and easy-to-manage integrated access control system that runs through the use of ACS01 as the basic system, both for the management of the automation of each individual gate and for enabling access to the gate itself. 

One of the special features of the ACS01 system is that it can also be used by non-specialized personnel and, as it does not require any software, it can be managed via a simple web interface. The installed system, consisting of 6 access control modules, manages and authorizes the entry of 8 manual doors equipped with an electric lock, 1 automatic swing door, and the automatic opening of the sectional door in the raw material storage and conservation area and the filter areas in front of the production department. By setting up the inputs of the ACS01 with the Wiegand interface (a cabling standard, used for the interconnection of all badge peripherals, transponders, biometric fingerprinting, etc.), the entire system could be connected to 10 biometric fingerprint readers for the offices and some specific rooms (technical compartments, meeting rooms, storage rooms).

In the new building, which benefits from efficient external insulation, automated solar screens (some of which are blackout blinds) were installed on all windows in the office area to minimize internal space heating during the summer and reduce energy consumption for cooling.

In order to optimize the layout, sliding and hinged doors were used, equipped with the Fluo model brushless automation system and fitted with a touch sensor to avoid physical contact with the control device. The control device activates the automation with a single gesture, simply by bringing a hand close, thanks to its microwave technology, allowing the door to open automatically (particularly useful for laboratories, changing rooms, and toilets). This solution was adopted by placing the sensor at both hand and foot height to ensure that employees could access it hands free.

In the loading and unloading area of the warehouse, the motorized GO sectional door with VER Plus system was installed; for the 2 direct entrances from the warehouse to production and packaging workshops, the solution of the fast-packing PVC GO door was chosen, allowing compliance with the high hygiene standards in the food industry.

The entire building is protected by a PXC2 burglar alarm system with detectors and sensors on the windows, allowing the areas to be organized independently and the alarm system to be activated for individual areas (e.g. warehouse, production, and offices), adapting the entry and exit scenarios throughout the week.

Completing the automation solutions are: 

  • The CAME 3.0 home automation system, which uses a simple and intuitive graphic interface to provide on-site management of the entire lighting system
  • BKV sliding gate automations for the 2 driveways to the facility’s car park
  • The Thangram modular video door intercom for direct access to offices and Futura hands-free video door intercom with 7” display and soft-touch navigation buttons.



The supply of the CAME system consists of:

-              6 ACS01 access control modules for various interior, exterior, and sectional doors

-              1 CAME Domotic 3.0 home automation system for indoor and outdoor lighting management

-              1 GO sectional door with VER Plus automation 

-              2 GO rapid doors

-              8 FLUO automations for sliding doors (complete with accessories)

-              3 FLUO automations for swing doors (complete with accessories)

-              1 burglar alarm system with PXC2 control unit with detectors and window sensors

-              1 Thangram video door intercom and Futura hands-free indoor extension with 7” display

-              2 BKV automations for sliding gate with radio control

-              14 SELS2SDG touch sensors

-              15 EDISON screen automation and WAGNER radio controls with wall bracket



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