Because this is a Schengen zone border crossing, to comply with European security regulations, it was necessary to incorporate closures and secure, solid vehicle control on both of the lanes going into Poland, all without creating traffic problems in the event of an emergency.

The implemented solution involved the installation of new high-security ONE30 ASTM-F2656-certified, DOS K4 and PAS68 7500/00-equivalent retractable bollards to manage entry points in a secure and automated manner, along with roadside barriers to create a safety compass as vehicles pass through one at a time. The security of the ONE30 retractable bollard was crash tested: the 6.8 tonne vehicle driven into the bollard at 50 km per hour was stopped and demolished. All that the bollard required was to have its external skin replaced. The retractable bollards are equipped with a coloured LED system to make them easily visible by night.



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