The client wanted not just to automate the parking areas, which had previously been run manually, but to guarantee a pickup/drop-off service and enhance traffic flow, without creating any new parking zones. In addition, the solution also had to be able to automatically distinguish between the various types of user, facilitating pickup/drop-off for taxis and buses, keeping a log of events, and generating regular statistics.

The PSONE by CAME solution that was implemented uses a central server and a specially-designed software programme to manage the various areas by user type. It features lanes dedicated solely to taxis and buses, a short stay service, a medium/long stay service, internal areas reserved for employees, and payment using site-wide automated paypoints. To facilitate access for all vehicle types, double-height entrance and exit posts were preferred, to ensure convenience both for motor vehicles and trucks. Moreover, entrance and exit areas are equipped with a licence plate recognition system, allowing vehicles to benefit from free parking if they stay for less than 20 minutes.

CAME’s automated parking management system consists of: a management server, 14 double-height entrance/exit units; 8 standard entrance units; 14 OCR cameras for licence-plate recognition; 7 automated payment points; and 5 eye-system camera kits for vehicle quality photographic monitoring.



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