PLX is the new hands-free video intercom by CAME, a world-leading Made in Italy company in the field of integrated solutions designed for the automation, control and security of residential, public and corporate settings, which combines elegance, minimalist design and cutting-edge technology to make the home experience simple, easy and smart. 

With its built-in Wi-Fi module able to connect directly to the home router and dedicated App, PLX allows users to answer the video intercom call, open the house gate or the front door, directly from their smartphone and with no distance limits: at home, in the garden, in the office, even while on holiday. 

Not only technology, but also design and user friendliness have become increasingly important in recent years. In particular, we have witnessed the birth and evolution of new lifestyles, with the advent of smartworking, which has led to a reinvention of home spaces that now also accommodate workstations. In fact, with PLX, CAME has succeeded in combining elegant and minimalist design with product functionality. Matt white finishes, a slender shape, touch buttons and a thickness of only 25 mm make PLX the perfect furnishing object, aesthetically beautiful and at the same time practical. Its advanced technological solutions and the innovative design of the loudspeaker and microphone concealed in the casing guarantee crystal-clear sound and clear ring volume. 

Images on the five-inch display are clear and sharp; in addition, PLX's technology corrects colours, contrast and brightness for flawless operation in all light conditions. Furthermore, in apartment blocks and collective environments, it allows users to call the guardian or reception with auxiliary controls, to automatically open the door when there is a high flow of people and, thanks to the 'Latch' function, to check the gate automation and its status even when it is not visible or users are unable to look out of the window, simply by means of an LED icon on the display.



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