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Interview with Paolo Menuzzo, Chairman and Founder of Came. The story of a pioneering instinct

Interview with Paolo Menuzzo, Chairman and Founder of Came, who has been at the helm of this multinational, known and loved around the world, for over 45 years.

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CAME - in the limelight at MIPIM 2016 with its security solutions for over 21 million visitors at Expo Milano 2015

Came's calling card is its international best-practice in access-control for the Universal Expo, which was presented at a recent convention along with an immersive virtual-reality experience.   Came will attend, from 15 to 18 March, the MIPIM 2016...

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RIO System: Came's new wireless system designed to bring safety to operators

Came presents RIO System, the cutting-edge series of wireless devices providing safety to operators - requiring no hard wiring between the control unit and accessories, it talks to the control unit via radio.

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IP360: the new BPT video-entry system suitable for all installation contexts

Individual homes or large residential complexes, the IP360 system offers high performance and maximum flexibility.

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Came Domotic 3.0: smart technology to adapt your home to the lifestyle of the people who live in it

The innovative Came home automation system gives you total control over your home, even from your smartphone and tablet, so you can manage comfort and security within the home environments, with a focus on energy saving.

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Came technology features in the prestigious ADI Design Index

The access control system developed for Expo Milano 2015 has been included by ADI in the publication that brings together the best of Italian design put into production. The Came solution has also been selected to compete for the upcoming ADI...

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Sipario T, wide passage and out-of-the-way

Came's Sipario range is now richer thanks to Sipario T, the new operator for telescopic sliding-doors

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TH and TA Touch BPT, the ideal temperature in one touch

Treviso, 9 September, 2015 - Came presents new Touch Screen thermostats and programmable thermostats, wall-mounted TA/500 and TH/500 and recessed models TA/600 and TH/600.

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CAME home & building automation systems for the Eiffel Tower's first floor pavilion

Came S.p.A. - the global market-leading group in home & building automation - has engineered the system operating the access door to the Ferriè pavilion at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, located on the first floor of the edifice. The new first...

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Came and Fabio Cannavaro together at Expo Milano 2015

Milano, 21 July 2015 - Came, the world renowned home & building automation market leaders, hosted Fabio Cannavaro, the former captain of the Italian national soccer team, at the Expo, where the champion endorsed the company's #...

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