Looking for personality, elegance, and flexibility? Thangram is the entry panel for you.
This semi modular series lets you customize both the functional and aesthetic parts. It provides both push-button and digital solutions, including a digital version with built-in access control.
The recess-mounted solution is a must.


  • Body made of techno-polymer, with either Greyhound or Metal finish
  • Cover made of interchangeable anodized aluminum in 9 colors
  • High efficiency 4 LED illuminator with adjustable intensity
  • Sound and visual alerts
  • Keypad for digital calls and access control, with built-in display
  • Door opener activated by number code or proximity card
  • Adjustable speaker, microphone and electric lock
  • Mini USB for firmware updates and programming
  • Web interface for device configuration
  • Up to 108 pushbutton calls, 2600 digital calls (DNA module) or 1250 (DCOMBO module)
  • Local or PoE power-supply


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