Benefits of using Tempo Enterprise Software

  • Integrate the installation, management and maintenance of your business into a single supplier.
  • Increase the profitability of your business by eliminating the infrastructure and maintenance costs.
  • Greater efficiency for your pay and display operation, since you can focus your human and material resources exclusively on your business objectives.
  • Reduction in management costs, thanks to the remote and centralized control of all your pay and display operations, regardless of their geographical location and time zone.
  • Direct and secure access from any location with an Internet connection.
  • Administration of users with different roles and access levels.
  • Intuitive and interactive user interface.
  • System for locating pay and display machines on scrollable geographic maps, parallel management for different countries and time zones.
  • Non-differentiated management of active and non-active terminals, without losing configurations or historical data.

Cloud-based Management Solution

The 'Tempo Enterprise' web software for the management of pay & display machines in a multi-city, multi-user environment on a client-server architecture, with the following key characteristics:

  • Multi-user web access, with client – server architecture and system designed for mission-critical environments. Web 2.0 graphic interface, simple and intuitive.
  • Easy-to-use view of controlled areas in the city and status of pay & display machines as objects in the GIS of your choice: Open Streets, Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps or Bing Maps.
  • Configuration of the functional parameters of the pay & display machines (schedules, rates, payment methods, etc.).
  • Creation of reports from querying the historical database. (lists for accounting, statistics, alarms or interventions) Creation of statistics and graphs for the application's processing data.
  • Real time monitoring, from any device (computer, PDA, smartphone, tablet) connected to the Internet, of the operability status of each parking meter such as, the detection and resolution of maintenance incidents.
  • Real-time validation (online) of different transactions (credit payments, fine cancelations, forced turnaround, applications for residents, etc).

Added-value Services

The characteristic that sets CAME Parkare apart in this industry is our ability to carry out tailor-made solutions for integration with other elements of a city’s transport infrastructure.

This capacity for integration means that a pay and display machine can be used, for example, as a service point for a city’s bicycle transport program; it can be integrated with a system giving information
regarding street occupancy; or it can be used as a city information post or emergency warning point. The Tempo Enterprise platform can be integrated within the smart city ecosystem, taking advantage of realtime status of space sensors, for instance.

Third parties can also benefit from multiple interconnection APIs for enforcement, pay-by-phone, and historical data gathering.

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