The reinforced version of the G6 EVO bollard can stop a 2.5T pick-up travelling at 48 km/h. It’s an ideal solution to secure schools, shopping centers, hotels or appartment buildings, where the level of security is moderate.

Removable jacket & easier maintenance

The G6 EVO bollard is equipped with an innovative interchangeable sleeve system for customizing the aesthetics of access points and refurbish any damaged bollard heads in less than 5 minutes. The bollard is composed of a raw cast iron head, which provides high impact resistance, covered with a sleeve in steel or stainless steel. The new G6 EVO concept makes on site jacket replacement easy and quick, without using any hoisting means.



  • Built-in hydraulic pump Built-in hydraulic pumps .
  • External Hydraulic External Hydraulic .

REINFORCED G6EVO - Retractable automatic bollard

Conception:    Urbaco Monobloc® certificate : 3 elements of structure : casing, cover and bollard head each molded one piece spheroidal cast iron material. 
Use:    Protected against ram vehicles; Intensive passages
Material:    13mm average thick cast-iron material (Corrosion protection painting on raw bollard head)
Display device:    Class II reflective band(white) 
Illuminated ring:    Leds (Red in Standard, White in Option)
Reability:    4.5 million of operations without any failure neither part replacement
Dimensions (mm):    Ø250 x H750
Standards:    ISO EN 124 – E600 Class – Accepted vertical load: 60T per axle / In compliance with NFP98-310 standard / In compliance with the French PMR decree
Design:    CYLINDER



Built-in hydraulic pump
Built-in hydraulic pump 
External Hydraulic
External Hydraulic 


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