The Challenge

Your Homes Newcastle is the ALMO responsible for managing council homes on behalf of Newcastle City Council. Set up in 2004 to manage council properties, Your Homes Newcastle is tasked with meeting the Government’s Decent Homes standard and to provide a range of support services for Newcastle City Council. Your Homes Newcastle needed to change the way they managed their residential communal access, as this was out-of-date and inefficient. Your Homes Newcastle approached CAME KMS and following discussions with them and their associates, Bamford Doors & Entrotec Door Entry, between them recommended a complete communal door access solution. This provided a more efficient and easy to manage door access system.


The Requirement

YHN currently manage 26,700 council homes on behalf of Newcastle City Council and over 400 homes on behalf of Leazes Homes and recognised that many of the properties needed their communal doors replacing, as they were old and in many cases too heavy for people to use. In addition, the communal door access systems were obsolete or failing and had to be controlled on site, meaning to add or delete fobs, someone had to travel to the site and physically do the addition or deletion.


The Solution

The impact was significant with the time taken to travel to different properties to add or delete fobs being a drain on the YHN team. As a result, Your Homes Newcastle made the decision that all their communal door entry systems should be replaced with the CAME KMS SimpleKey Web, whist they were replacing all the communal doors.


The Results

Since 2012, Your Homes Newcastle has begun the roll out of the new communal doors and access control solution and has currently replaced approximately 70 complete solutions, with plans to continue the roll out across their other properties.

The results were immediate with the Your Homes Newcastle team saving upto 2 hours every time a new fob was needed or deleted. The resulting impact on the productivity of the team has been massive.

In addition to the productivity, the new Simplekey Web system has enabled Your Homes Newcastle to help prevent anti-social behaviour by monitoring the movements of people if required.

Geoff Boyle of Your Homes Newcastle: “KMS have been extremely good and easy to work with and the Simplekey Web system has given us more than we expected, saving us incredible amounts of time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend KMS and Simplekey Web to anyone.”

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