The Challenge

Wirral Methodist Housing has around 40 housing blocks on the Wirral, where the management of fobs for use at the communal doors and collation of usage reports was done by the management team. This took up considerable time & wasn’t very effective. As a result of this Wirral Methodist Housing took the decision to look for a new communal door access solution.


The Requirement

Wirral Methodist Housing looked for a new communal door access solution that gave them the ability to add or delete fobs remotely without the need to visit the block. They also wanted to reduce time when they or other agencies needed to obtain accurate and up to date reports of fob activity at specific blocks during investigations.


The Solution

Having met CAME KMS at the Housing Exhibition in Manchester, Wirral Methodist Housing subsequently met with Tim Rogers (of CAME KMS) and realised that an existing installer already worked with CAME KMS. The CAME KMS SimpleKey Web system delivered exactly what Wirral Methodist Housing needed and in 2014 the project to convert all their blocks was started.


The Results

Since initiating the project, half of the blocks have been converted with the remaining ones planned over the next couple of years. The results have been impressive, with a significant reduction in time to add and delete fobs and compile reports on block access activity.

John Harris, Property Surveyor for Wirral Methodist Housing: “SimpleKey Web does what it says on the tin, we can now control the communal access systems from anywhere and from any web enabled device. The time saving has been considerable and the support from KMS is superb.”

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