The Challenge

Warwick District Council has a large portfolio of blocks under their control, ranging from high rise blocks of flats to units with a handful of apartments. As their stock grew, so did the demands on the management of them. This then increases the time demands on their Housing Officers. In addition, the systems were beginning to age and were reaching their capacity. It was essential that the communal door access control systems were upgraded and a system provided whereby fobs could be issued from any internet enabled device as opposed to being set up in the office and posted. Warwick District Council needed to find a way of reducing the time demands on their team to ensure they were able to grow their portfolio without increasing the demands and costs to operations.


The Requirement

The fob requirements for their new system were straight forward, it needed to:

  • Manage fobs remotely, not necessarily from the office
  • Produce detailed, real time reports on all fob usage
  • Provide a good design for the fobs


The Solution

Warwick District Counci worked with their purchasing framework to source a new system and following initial conversations and presentation, they began to work with CAME KMS. The team at CAME KMS provided all the time needed to install and set up the system and subsequently, manage and support the housing team at Warwick District Council and their service has been excellent ever since.


The Results

At the outset, Warwick District Council had the CAME KMS SimpleKey Web system installed in four of their high rise blocks and one low rise with excellent results. From the outset, the team were able to manage contractors more easily, granting access to specific blocks for short periods of time as and when required. Importantly, they were also able to see detailed usage reports at any time and wherever they were. Not only did this help with the management of contractors and tenants access, it also led to a secondary benefit, supporting the council in managing anti-social behaviour.

With Housing Officers able to manage fobs remotely, the team were able to save time and money and ensure that staff were not required to work alone on site.

With these results and the continued support of CAME KMS, Warwick District Council has now decided to install the CAME KMS SimpleKey system in all their properties.

Russell Marsden, Head of Building Surveying: “Right from the start of this project, KMS have provided us with an excellent service that has been backed up by the Simplekey solution. It was easy to install and has helped us reduce the demands on the Housing Officers in managing communal access for our residential properties.”

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