The Challenge

As one of the major housing operators in Wales, Trivallis (formerly known as RCT Homes) have over 380 residential blocks, including 27 Sheltered Housing units. Trivallis faced challenges that are common in many housing associations. With standalone systems in each residential block, there were too many people involved in operating and managing the communal door access systems. This in turn led to limited administration and Trivallis losing track of fobs.

The time taken to administer the standalone systems was huge, as staff spent time travelling to and from blocks to add and delete fobs. Without effective administration, there were occasions where fobs were not cancelled and unauthorised people were sleeping rough in communal areas of some properties.


The Requirement

With such a broad portfolio of residential blocks, Trivallis knew that they needed to improve the effectiveness of their communal door access systems to ensure all fobs that were added or deleted, were registered immediately and a detailed record kept. They were also looking to improve the reporting to allow them to constantly monitor movements through communal doors.


The Solution

Following detailed discussions, CAME KMS recommended adopting Simplekey Web, their cloud based communal door access solution. This would provide a more efficient way to add and delete fobs, whilst at the same time provide detailed reporting on fob usage.


The Results

The system has also enabled Trivallis to monitor all people, especially in the Sheltered Housing units, ensuring security is kept tight.

There have been further benefits including providing Police with detailed reports for criminal investigations. Simplekey Web has also helped them deliver their commitment to regular gas checks allowing engineers to enter the property when fobs have been disabled.

Christian Jones, Trivallis: “KMS have been superb right from the early days of the dial up system and we are now operating from their latest system, Simplekey Web. The results couldn’t have been better and have not just allowed us to improve security but saved a huge amount of time and money for the organisation. The product is backed up by great customer service and even where we have had small problems, KMS have fixed them immediately”.

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