South Lanarkshire Council, based in Hamilton, are a large Scottish housing provider with a portfolio of over 25,000 homes, most of which are general needs and supported housing. In the past SLC has had a mix of communal door standalone access control systems that have led to a disjointed system providing little control and making the process of issuing or removing fobs difficult and long winded.


The Challenge

South Lanarkshire Council recognised that they needed to standardise on a communal door access control solution across all of their homes to ensure that they could achieve a number of objectives, including to identify:

  • lost fobs and prevent their use quickly
  • potential void properties
  • anti-social behaviour
  • who accessed buildings and when

In addition, South Lanarkshire Council wanted to be able to provide authorised visitors access, with the facility to open communal doors remotely, plus give contractors temporary access, via an email invitation.


The Solution

CAME KMS SimpleKey Web was chosen and enabled South Lanarkshire Council to have a single platform to control all communal door access across their portfolio of homes and other council buildings. SimpleKey Web gave South Lanarkshire Council the functionality required, plus a very easy to use platform that simplified their fob management.


The Results

South Lanarkshire Council’s Compliance Team found the system particularly useful whilst having to work remotely during the lockdowns. The SimpleKey Web system allowed them to oversee access to buildings for residents and contractors from any location and from any web enabled device.

In addition, where SimpleKey Web was controlling access in council offices, they were able to set up one-way systems through communal doors to help control staff movement, helping to ensure they all adhered to socially distanced and safety recommendations.

Tom Wilson – Compliance Co-Ordinator Electrical: “SimpleKey Web is fantastic for controlling access in all of our buildings, but it was during the lockdown that I really found out it’s true benefits. Being able to manage residents’ access and control staff movements for safety purposes in our buildings remotely is incredible. The team at CAME KMS made sure we had all the support we needed throughout this time as well.”

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