The Challenge

Northampton Partnership Homes are the management organisation running all housing services for Northampton Borough Council. Since 2015 their work has included the repairs and maintenance for all housing as well as housing management. As part of this role they have been looking to upgrade their communal door access systems, primarily to improve the security across their housing stock. The existing communal door access control systems they inherited, were basic old KMS dial-up system for fob administration. They had three different systems operating, meaning it was very time consuming for housing managers to administer the system including adding or deleting fobs. Having been contacted by CAME KMS when they launched their latest version of SimpleKey Web - the cloud-based version of their access control solution - Northampton Partnership Homes also started to look into upgrading all of their communal doors and door entry equipment.


The Requirement

The Northampton Partnership Homes have over 850 housing blocks and key to the Northampton Partnership Homes requirements was the need to deliver a complete solution that not only included the latest cloud-based technology for the communal door access control, but to upgrade the communal doors & door entry equipment. This would make sure that security for their housing blocks was at the highest level and administration of the system was cost effective. Northampton Partnership Homes also needed to make sure that suppliers could meet a strict roll out programme and work effectively together.


The Solution

Northampton Partnership Homes selected the UK’s leading communal door manufacturer, Bamford Engineering and Entrotec who were their existing supplier for the Door Entry equipment, along with KMS SimpleKey Web access control. Bamfords have project managed the process with Baydale Control Systems chosen as the installation company for the new communal doors and associated door entry and access control equipment.


The Results

The new communal doors are state of the art, supported by the leading cloud-based communal door access system, SimpleKey Web. Administration is now from any internet connected device and allows the housing managers to add or delete fobs instantly. In addition, Northampton Partnership Homes are also able to see real-time fob management information, enabling them to monitor usage for abscondees, contractors and others. This makes sure that security and levels of service for the tenants has vastly improved.

There were a number of reasons the suppliers were chosen including:

  • Secured by Design (SBD) accredited products
  • Length of warranties supporting the products
  • Servicing and support

Peter Gates, Building Surveyor at Northampton Partnership Homes: “The team we have in Baydale, Bamford, Entrotec and KMS have been very good and have worked extremely well together. Where there have been issues, they have been sorted immediately. The doors and access control systems we now have are superb and will not only improve the security of the blocks but will help us manage the cost and time needed to administer them.”

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