The Challenge

Mosscare Housing is a not-for-profit housing association, which owns and manages nearly 5000 homes in Manchester and the surrounding areas. With thousands of tenants and contractors entering their premises they were having issues tracking and managing the keys and fobs used for accessing their communal doors. Every year, Mosscare would have keys and fobs go missing with tenants and contractors misplacing and/or forgetting to return them when they vacated their premises.

Management of the keys and fobs had become a significant issue for Mosscare and was costing them thousands of pounds in time and money. With employees having to attend sites to meet contractors and tenants to hand over their replacements, the disruption and costs were continuing to increase. Secondary costs such as travel expenses and time away from doing their core job were also contributing to the escalating cost and Mosscare needed to find a way they could reduce this.


The Requirement

Mosscare realised that they needed to tightly manage the administration process to their communal door entry systems, ultimately looking to remove keys based entry from their premises. To achieve this, they would need to find a way to track access fobs and find a less time consuming way to administer the system and issue replacements.


The Solution

Following a detailed assessment process, Mosscare identified the KMS Simplekey Web platform as the right solution. The KMS designed service offered them an access management system that would help them reduce “time and cost” in managing the communal door entry to all their premises and not just from their office but from any web enabled device.


The Results

Since implementing Simplekey Web Mosscare has developed more time and cost effective ways of managing their communal door entry systems. They are now in the process of upgrading all their key based door entry systems and replacing them with fob based systems. By adopting the KMS Simplekey Web solution Mosscare has benefited from a reduction in the number of site visits (by staff) to give contractors access to premises. In addition, all access management is now completed remotely from any device with internet access. Fobs can now be mailed to a new resident and once they have received their fob, Mosscare can then activate it remotely. If a tenant loses their fob Mosscare can delete their door entry fob within minutes of receiving a call.

Simplekey Web has allowed Mosscare to establish a set of door access rules which allows them to set specific time periods for contractors to gain access to premises, as well as suspend access all together.

The overall impact has been impressive, saving time and money for Mosscare as well as giving them greater control and flexibility over their door entry systems.

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