The Challenge

As the UK’s largest listed residential landlord, Grainger plc manage a large number of residential apartment blocks across the UK.

Over the years, they have used traditional manual key based systems to manage the communal door access for some of their blocks, but became aware that these systems were not working efficiently. This operating structure meant that they often had different door access systems for each block (in some circumstances different systems on one site),that were difficult to manage.

Working with Entrotec, designers and manufacturers of door entry systems, Grainger began a process of updating some of their access systems and during this process, Entrotec recommended KMS as a solution to managing communal doors access.


The Requirement

Grainger’s requirements were relatively simple, they needed to::

  • access the system from anywhere at anytime
  • have one system that managed all areas in the buildings
  • implement a cloud based access control system, that could manage all blocks

Working with Entrotec and their door entry systems, it was also important that any new communal door access system was compatible with their existing communal doors, as well as other existing communal access points such as maintenance doors in the building.


The Solution

Working with CAME KMS, they installed their cloud based SimpleKey Web system which allows managers to have instant access from any web enabled device. SimpleKey Web was easy to install and easily integrated with all other communal door entry systems.


The Results

Once the system was set up and the team were up to speed on how to use it, it was clear that managing fobs for any site was instant and stopped the need to go to the block and manually programme new fobs. Simplekey Web has helped overcome many of the earlier problems Grainger had experienced with door entry systems and brought them new efficiencies.

Mark Kilby, Grainger: “The team at KMS were extremely helpful and with a strong tech support team, we were able to get up and running quickly, easily meeting our expectations. The results have been impressive, saving us a lot of time and simplifying the process. We are now in the process of rolling Simplekey Web out to other sites”

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