The Challenge 


With a large portfolio of residential properties, Fortis Living face many challenges in delivering high quality accommodation, including managing access to all of their properties. In 2011, their communal door access solution was based on CAME KMS’ dial up system, Simplekey. At the time, this gave the best solution and enabled fobs to be added or deleted remotely. However, running costs relating to phone bills for the dial up system was high, due to the amount of properties they were controlling.


The Requirement

Fortis Living needed some significant changes to:

  • Reduce running costs
  • Improve time for fob administration, ensuring
  • Staff have immediate access to properties.
  • Improve reporting on movements of staff and contractors


The Solution

As with most organisations, Fortis Living are always looking to improve efficiencies and look for solutions needed to reduce time and costs involved in managing the communal door access systems. Having had a strong working relationship with CAME KMS, the solution was simple, CAME KMS’ new cloud based system, Simplekey Web, would deliver all the new requirements and more.


The Results

Fortis Living have now completed the transition and all their properties are now using Simplekey Web 4. The benefits are significant:

  • Staff can be given immediate access to a block when required.
  • Fobs can be added or deleted centrally without the need for a site visit.
  • Reporting is detailed, accurate and in real time, allowing full analysis of staff movements.

Not only have the requirements been met, but there have been additional benefits, including supporting the police with investigations. Simplekey Web 4 also allows for the receptionist to add or delete fobs without the need for any additional administration, as all changes are recorded centrally and immediately. Fortis Living also programme all staff ID cards to give the same access without the need to carry fobs.

Carole Glazzard at Fortis Living commented: “The new Simplekey Web is fantastic, it is 100 times quicker than the old system and as a result, has saved us money and time. Working with KMS has always been and continues to be a pleasure, they are always responsive and on the end of the phone if needed, unlike other suppliers.”

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