The Challenge

Prior to 2012, Derby Homes had a mix of fob systems controlling their communal door access at their multiple residential blocks across the City. These included standalone systems which not only meant that whenever a fob needed adding or deleting, it resulted in a time-consuming process to visit the block and manually make the changes, but also, these systems did not provide fob usage reporting. They also had an old CAME KMS Dial Up system which took considerable time to manage and incurred call charges, whenever the system dialled out to a block for fob administration.

As a result of these challenges, Derby Homes decided to move all their communal door access solutions to a single system.


The Requirement

Derby reviewed all the systems and the key criteria identified as:

  • Single, cloud based communal door access solution
  • Ability to add or delete fobs from any internet connected device
  • Improve efficiency managing all communal doors
  • Reduce costs involved in managing all communal doors
  • Provide detailed, real time reporting on fob usage.


The Solution

Having reviewed their existing systems and those that were available, Derby Homes decided to switch all 262 of their blocks to the CAME KMS Simplekey Web system.


The Results

From 2013, the programme to move all their blocks to CAME KMS SimpleKey Web began and the system has delivered better than expected results. Not only is it faster to add or delete fobs the fob usage reporting is immediate, allowing the administrators to track fob usage and monitor contractors as well as provide useful information to the police if required. The efficiencies have also surpassed initial expectations and have delivered significant cost savings.

Neil Smith, Derby Homes: “The KMS solution has not just enabled us to manage fobs more efficiently, it has helped us identify fobs that are not being used, allowing us to delete unused fobs easily. The reporting is also extremely good and has helped in managing the access. In addition, KMS, when we do have to speak to them, are very quick at responding and give us a great service.”

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