The Challenge

With over 800 blocks, Cardiff Council recognised that their communal door access systems were out of date and was proving to be a drain on both time and money for the council. Their original communal door access system required Cardiff Council to instruct a contractor to visit a housing block every time a fob needed adding or deleting. The council realised they needed to make the decision to change to a more cost effective solution.

Cardiff Council identified the key requirements of a new system, these included:

  • Cloud based system
  • Remove the need for staff or contractors to visit a block to add or delete a fob
  • Ensure all Housing officers could manage their own blocks
  • Reduce costs to manage the communal doors access


The Solution

Cardiff Council researched the various systems available and KMS Ltd with their strong track record in social housing and their market leading Simplekey Web system was confirmed as the solution to be installed across all blocks. Importantly, the system is cloud based, meaning all managers and system administrators can add or delete fobs as well as monitor usage from any web enabled device.


The Results

Since confirming CAME KMS as the supplier, Cardiff Council have been able to upgrade the communal door access solutions in all their blocks. Now, every housing officer is able to add and delete fobs instantly, the saving in time and money has been significant. In addition, Cardiff Council now have access to detailed management information ensuring they can monitor usage at all times.

Paul Squires, Technical Manager, from Cardiff Council: “Simplekey Web gave us an answer to all our requirements and we have now completed upgrading the communal door access solutions in all our blocks. The system has made a huge difference to all our team and is saving money. KMS have been fantastic, their service is very good and where there have been any issues, they have been

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