What is CAME training?

That of the professional is a very demanding job that always, but especially in recent years with the drive towards the use of new technologies, requires continuous updating.

The technical and product evolution is not the only important thing, but the difference is done by a strong knowledge of the regulations and the kind of approach towards the customers, more and more demanding. Costumers, who require an impeccable service, an immediate and a precise answers. The fundamental point is to be prepared.

As producers, we propose a series of initiatives aimed at making our products very well known, but also in keeping the installer informed about technologies and regulations.

Our courses have the characteristic of having an important practical component, which allows those who participate to apply directly the acquired theoretical knowledge.

The acquisition of new knowledge on the technologies used by our innovative systems and their immediate application make the installer immediately autonomous; this allows their, among other things, to reduce installation time by improving the quality of his work and service to the customer.

Training rooms

In all our sales offices you will find fully interactive showrooms and training rooms where our staff of trainers can take courses on all CAME product families. For example, at the Dosson di Casier headquarters, it is possible to use the CAME LAB room of over 800sqm with all the products and brands of the CAME group fully functional and available for technical-practical courses and a 130sqm Training Room that can accommodate up to 30 people for courses and meetings.

Who is CAME training for?

Training courses are dedicated to professionals and technicians involved in the design, installation and maintenance of the plants. The programs represent the maximum in-depth study of the installation's theory and practice in automation. It allows you to raise your know-how and be more competitive on the market.

Why participate?

Training programs allow professionals to immediately gain the trust of their customers, placing themselves as expert and competent points of reference. The training proposal covers the entire CAME group offer and proposes courses aimed at the needs of the individual participant. For technical-commercial courses there are individual courses and courses up to a maximum of 20 participants, while for technical-practical courses a maximum of 10 participants is foreseen. A closed number that allows you to reserve the right attention to each stage of the training path. At the end of each meeting the participants will have the opportunity to evaluate the acquired knowledge and the effectiveness of the work carried out and a certificate of participation will be issued.


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