High-security access control for the protection of vehicle access gates at the extremely sensitive site of the Panama Canal (Miraflores Lock).

To ensure maximum site protection it was necessary to find a solution that would fully  secure the access gates located at critical points around  the lock. Given the particular national and international significance of the security challenge, the contracting party needed a 100% guarantee that whatever system was adopted would meet stringent international regulatory standards.

The solution entailed the installation of new ASTM-F2656-certified ONE50 high-security bollards, equivalent to the DOS and PAS68 types, for the secure and automatic protection of the access areas. The safety of ONE50 bollard has been proofed through crash test. In one, a vehicle weighing 6.8 tons was driven into a bollard at a speed of 80 kms an hour. While the bollard stopped the vehicle dead and the impact destroyed it, the bollard itself required no more repair than a new cover. The bollards are also equipped with a colour LED system for visibility at night.

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