The City 6 EVO Totem is street furniture in wich is integrated all operating elements (such as the PLC mounting plate, control devices and signalization components). It is fitted in the street on an embedding base, allowing a 360° rotation. Its large internal capacity allows the PLC plate and power unit installation inside (external hydraulic pump, pneumatic compressor….). It also enables the network material integration such as fiber optic converters. Equipped with a front face fully customizable that comes with mounted traffic lights, control devices can be easily added on for user interface (RFID card reader, keypad…).


Material:    Steel S355 - 6 mm (high impact resistance)
Treatment:    Protection anti-corrosion for electro-zingage
Finition:    Matt finish thermosetting polyester powder top coat (RAL7016 standard)
Isolation:    Acoustic and thermal Isolation, thickness 5 mm -
Fan at the top part to maintain the airflow
Opening:    Lock-hinged door
Protection rating:    IP54

Front face in screen printed

Dimension:    650 x 210mm
Material:    Polycarbonate
Thickness:    8 mm aluminum back face
Resistance:    IK10

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