In an improvement on the previous system, the new lighting solution sharpens the visual definition of the goods and helps maintain the natural look of the fresh food and produce on display.

The Coop supermarket wanted to renovate its lighting system to achieve three objectives: improve visibility and clarity for counter staff, enhance the shopping experience for customers, and preserve the chromatic and organoleptic qualities of the food on display.

The renovation involved the substitution of 295 conventional high-pressure sodium lights and 16 Oktalite fixtures. The lights were replaced on a one-for-one basis with 303 Domino LED fixtures from the PERPETUAL 17 TRACK special version range. The client also specifically asked for eight additional fixtures to enhance lighting in some areas that were receiving insufficient illumination under the old system, such as the meat counter, the deli counter and the zone used for product promotions. By excluding the infrared and ultraviolet part of the spectrum, Domino LED lighting not only significantly reduces electricity use, but also leads to lower consumption by air-conditioning units, while all the time exalting the wholesomeness and freshness of the food on display.

The CAME lighting system comprises: 300 Domino LED lighting units.



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