Associations and organizations operating in the field of health and social care or civil protection often require infrastructure that enables them to guarantee rapid intervention times, thanks to systems which make it quicker for vehicles to get on their way. The Red Cross and Civil Protection service in Scandiano, in the Province of Reggio Emilia, turned to CAME for a project in this area. The challenge was to increase the efficiency of the warehouse and vehicle storage area, which is currently home to 21 emergency vehicles (17 belonging to the Red Cross and 4 lorries belonging to the Civil Protection). 

In the space of just two weeks, Aluart Serramenti – a CAME Go partner that has years of experience in the production, sale and maintenance of doors and windows – installed the 14 Factory Professional model sectional doors with staved finish and aeration system. This was the most suitable model because its simple style works perfectly with the architecture and cutting-edge design of the facility, making the best possible use of the available space thanks to an installation system which limits the amount of internal space the doors take up. 

The CAME Go Factory sectional doors guarantee over 100,000 torsion spring cycles (equal to 10,000 open and closes), allowing for intensive, prolonged use over time. The torsion springs chosen for the Factory model are the most resistant to stress, thus guaranteeing continuous, prolonged cycles without the need for maintenance and ensuring that Italian Red Cross and Civil Protection vehicles can exit the building with increased efficiency and speed in the event of emergency.

Each sectional door is fitted with a CAME CBX motor, which is particularly suitable for sectional doors up to 8.5 meters tall. The motor’s three-phase 230-400 V system offers greater thrust in the initial part of the maneuver, thus avoiding any potential issues linked to the weight of the door and guaranteeing rapid, optimum function even under stress conditions. 

The Scandiano project was an entirely bespoke one, with the products sized up and manufactured based on the installation site, to make sure they were compatible with existing fittings and wholly satisfied the specific needs of the client. All CAME Go industrial sectional doors are fully designed and manufactured in Italy, combining extreme versatility with an ability to respond to the practical requirements of any architectural setting. It is an approach that reflects the Group’s determination to devise tailor-made solutions that satisfy the specific requests of each and every client.



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