Up to 10 million opening and closing cycles for up to 10 million vehicle passages, brushless technology, high speed performance, connected thanks to CONNECT technology, modern design and high quality materials. These are the main features of the new range of GARD automatic barriers designed by CAME. They are ideal for any kind of application that requires continuous operating cycles: public parking facilities, hospitals, shopping malls, motorways and even high-traffic apartment blocks.
GARD barriers are adaptable to every need and communicate through an open MODBUS protocol. The control board, in fact, features an adapter for Ethernet connection, to integrate the barrier with parking, access control and building automation systems.
These barriers are able to operate even in critical weather conditions, with temperatures between -20° and +55°C, while in case of blackout there is the possibility to install a buffer battery to guarantee continuity of service.

Both barriers are suitable for managing intensive vehicle flows thanks to advanced electronics and a 36V DC motor with brushless technology that ensures efficiency, better heat dissipation, torque and movement control at different speeds, silent operation and reduced service interventions.

Ideal for high high-traffic parking facilities and large commercial areas or for any situation where the flow of vehicles is constant and continuous, GARD PX has been designed and tested up to 10 million operating cycles (MCBF - Mean cycle between failures). It is featured by a design that combines aesthetics and extreme robustness, suitable to fit into any context, ensuring an always pleasant visual impact. This barrier is also a guarantee of high performance with its exceptional opening speed, which varies from 1 second with a 3 meter boom to 2 seconds with a 4 meter boom.
It is suitable for passages up to 3.8 meters wide and can be completed with a boom release system which, in the event of a breakthrough, guarantees greater safety for the vehicle, the passenger and the barrier itself precisely because the boom does not remain hooked to the body of the barrier.
To facilitate installation, setting up and maintenance, the control electronics are located in the upper part of the barrier, equipped with a graphic display for the configuration and guided setting up of the system. The product also incorporates a switching power supply for energy saving in stand-by.

The GARD PT automatic road barrier is guaranteed for up to 4 million opening and closing operations and is specifically designed for applications that require time-slotted operation cycles, for example large companies where the flow is very high at certain times of the day (employee entrance, exit and lunch break). As for GARD PX, also GARD PT is suitable for passages up to 3.8 meters wide, the boom can be fitted with a release system in the event of a collision with a vehicle and, the articulated boom version guarantees installation even in buildings with low ceilings where there is not enough space for the boom to be fully open. Equipped with a luminous crown of LEDs having traffic light function (red/green), GARD PT is the ideal solution for quick transiting, parking areas and apartment blocks.

The GARD family is part of the generation of CAME systems equipped with Connect technology, which makes it possible to connect, control and manage all the devices installed through a web platform that ensures installers to be able to manage them remotely and gives customers the possibility of having everything under control via smartphone and the appropriate App.

The high efficiency and reliability of GARD barriers is guaranteed thanks to the continuous CAME Quality Inside innovation process, which raises all the production systems standards. This makes quality a widespread value through a fully digitalized process for continuous sharing of the results obtained.


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