The ideal solution in residential settings and in installations with large gates, thanks to the two models for leaves up to 3 or 5 meters

Versatility, strength and reliability are just some of the features of ATS, the new telescopic motor for swing gates by CAME. ATS can be installed in any setting and in any installation condition, even in the presence of large leaves, or on pillars with "depth" up to 200mm between the motor fixing point and the gate pin (C max 200mm). This automation has been designed to last over time, even if subjected to high operating speeds; in fact, it is equipped with a steel telescopic arm protected by an aluminum shell that provides strength and resistance against atmospheric agents.

CAME has designed ATS with the specific aim of offering a product in line with the company’s very high quality standards, which provides high electronic and mechanical performances; the automation is equipped with a 24 Volt motor prepared to guarantee high reliability in intensive use cycles. In addition, the irreversible gearmotor with bevel gears guarantees extreme fluidity and low-noise movements. 

Like all CAME automations, ATS is the result of the Q.I. - Quality Inside - project and of a "smart production" model that allows to digitalize each phase, integrating a complete testing methodology that involves 100% of the products. A process that includes: motor test, RPE electrical safety and grounding test, gearmotor system release test and gearmotor functional testing with simulation of a real operating load, for a complete 60-second cycle. Test in which all functional parameters useful for product validation are detected and recorded every 200 milliseconds; all data are unequivocally associated to the product serial number for complete traceability.

Special focus has also been given to aesthetics, which represents another important plus of ATS: thanks to the axial transmission, in fact, the motor body does not protrude from the body, providing it a unique slender, tapered and elegant shape.

CAME has always been attentive to security and even ATS is no exception with its electronics and the Encoder technology that ensures perfect management of movements and slowdowns, with the guarantee of constant obstacle detection. 

ATS can be equipped with high efficiency lithium buffer batteries, which enables its operation even in case of power failure.

The ATS motor can be managed through the innovative CONNECT platform, the CAME technology that allows installers to access many features, such as displaying their customers' systems on a map, configuration and monitoring of all connected devices and scheduled maintenance management. In addition, CAME CONNECT allows the end user, through the smartphone or tablet App, to remotely manage all the technologies of the house, monitor the status of the automations and receive notifications.



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