AGT is the new range of audio and video receiver handsets, which combines compact design with high performance, minimalism with functionality. With an elegant shape, a matte white finish and a thickness of only 21mm, AGT represents the ideal solution for different scenarios, from residential to work - such as professional studios and companies - thanks also to its many additional features, making it extremely flexible.

All models in the range are equipped with a high-performance handset that ensures excellent sound quality for both the incoming call audio and the ringtone, while the 5 inch colour display of the video intercoms, with a resolution of 480x272 pixels, guarantees clear and bright images at all times. The screens are equipped with OSD interface to easily adjust the brightness, contrast and colours of the image using soft-touch buttons, thus avoiding the presence of unsightly and inefficient levers and wheels.

Designed with special attention to detail, the AGT range is equipped with a solid and robust handset with magnetic hang-up, without mechanical elements subject to wear and tear, ensuring a simple and effective way to hang up the handset, thus avoiding inadvertently leaving the call open. The ringtone management (volume adjustment and mute mode) can be easily controlled using the buttons on the device, while a white or red LED also provides a visual indicator of the active functions.

The many advanced features present in the different models make the AGT range extremely adaptable to different needs and contexts: for example, the AUX2 output allows calling to the reception or to the porter switchboard and it is also possible to configure up to 6 intercom calls. The Latch function, instead, provides real-time feedback on access automations, very useful when visual control is not possible. The LED indicator warns if the automated door or gate is not closed, allowing users to check whether it has actually opened in case of specific needs. For high-use professional practices, such as those of doctors or dentists, there is the possibility to activate the automatic door opener function that thanks to a dedicated button sends the command to the electric lock without the need to answer the intercom. Finally, the AGT models can be equipped with a refined plexiglass desk support, ideal for reception and offices.

All models in the AGT range are available in both the 200 multi-wire and X1 2-wire versions. In particular, the X1 2-wire version implements integrated solutions for the video models in order to ensure that the device can be used even by people with hearing or visual impairment. Magnetic induction audio technology is standard on the AGT V BF model to enable the use of the video intercom through hearing aids. Finally, the hollow design of the soft-touch buttons allows the visually impaired to interact without any difficulty, allowing their easy identification.

As always, CAME, in designing its products, also thinks about installers trying to make their work as easy as possible and the AGT range is no exception. Designed for wall mounting, in fact, the installation could not be simpler, without the need for any masonry work. Installation is performed by means of a bracket, to guarantee structural strength. Once the bracket is mounted on the wall, the receiver is fixed thanks to the quick coupling system. The 2-wire X1 models are equipped with a removable terminal board that facilitates connection, allowing access to the system without the need to hold the device in your hand. Finally, the surface covered by the new models is slightly larger than of their predecessors of the AGATA series, so it is possible to hide the imperfections in the wall when replacing them.




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