CAME returns as a protagonist to Sicurezza 2019, proposing itself as a technology partner to support projects that require integrated systems for improving the quality of living spaces with products made for controlling homes and for managing public spaces and urban venues.

At Sicurezza 2019, an event dedicated to operators in the security & fire sector, CAME presents a selection of advanced and innovative products that combine automation and innovation with the interactivity and connectivity of CAME Connect, a technology that allows the user to easily manage and control all the devices installed, wherever he is, through the dedicated Apps, using his smartphone or tablet. Professional installers connected to the internet can geolocate systems, run quick and efficient remote diagnoses, change settings and send scheduled maintenance notifications, always ensuring an efficient service to its customers.

Residential solutions. QBE stands out among the many novelties presented at Sicurezza 2019. It is an innovative solution that thanks to the CAME Connect technology is able to communicate with all home automation, security and control systems, allowing them to be managed remotely, directly on smartphones or tablets with a single App. Emphasis will be placed also on connected operators for gates among which: BXV and BKV, ideal for sliding gates at private homes and apartment blocks or oversized gates; AXI, designed for applications on swing gates with leaves measuring up to 2.5 meters; FTX, designed for private home and apartment block applications and to be installed on small pillars (from 15 cm) or on swing gates with distances up to 25 cm between the gate pin and the motor fixing point. The PXC2 burglar alarm control units, able to manage up to 212 connection points, are the flagship of home security. In the video door entry systems sector we find the MTM VR vandal-proof entry panel, the XTS smart video receiver, a concentration of technology and design, and the absolute preview of the XVP entry panel suitable for exclusive environments.

Business solutions. Thanks to the recent acquisition of the Turkish company Özak, CAME has consolidated and expanded its offer of solutions for the control of pedestrian entrances, which now boasts a complete range of turnstiles which will be displayed in a second area of the Sicurezza 2019 stand. The spotlight will be on the Speed Gate range and in particular on the HG 02 model, a turnstile with concealed doors, particularly suitable for refined and elegant locations but with limited space; followed by the BT 312-S full-height turnstile, the PG 03 swing-gate turnstile and the SG 5S sliding turnstile, which guarantees high access security thanks to the sensors.

Urban solutions. The new Gard PT and PX brushless technology barriers, which guarantee up to 10 million cycles, will make their debut in the area dedicated to vehicle access control. In addition, visitors will discover the entire offer for high urban security, from the bollards of the ONE 50 and G30 ranges, through the shallow mount roadblocker systems for total protection of sensitive targets, up to the Sygma 4 urban control software, developed to centralize and manage all the security systems installed and which can be integrated with the existing Hypervision systems.



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